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De professionalisering is een feit, onder het motto “de praktijkgerichte expert laat uw stem gelden”.


Zijn de vakbewegingen wel de redder op het witte paard? Zijn vakbewegingen wel eerlijk tegenover zijn leden?

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Monster fine of 158,000 € for driver and company We often hear that someone is driving with two tachograph cards and they ...

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Attack on the transport mobility package At first glance, you'd say we have nothing to worry about. The ...


Decrease in international road freight transport in 2020 In 2020, Dutch trucks carried 686 million tonnes, 0.4 percent less than in 2019. ...

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Cabotage: Minister Lydia Peeters explains why she is joining Malta Belgium indicated on 6 March that it was joining ...

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Bedrijven geven ons steeds vaker het argument dat men een DIXI een goede oplossing vindt om de beroepschauffeurs buiten de deur te houden.

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Over the years, techniques have improved so that a woman can also do this work. Program "Lady truckers" plays on it

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It never ceases to amaze us that, time and again, professional drivers are the ones who get played. Last year, trade unions were still talking about a 5% wage increase in the collective agreement, and now they are suddenly saying that they want 3.5%.

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The corona crisis has now been a stage play for more than a year of all kinds of impositions on citizens by administrators of countries around the world

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Je kunt bijna elke chauffeur aanschieten en je zult zeer vaak hetzelfde antwoord krijgen.