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Knowledge sharing makes strong!

Who we are and what we stand for

Chauffeursnieuws is a social platform since 2007. The idea was to serve professional drivers from taxi to truck with a collection point of news events that appeared in the media. Ten years later, we saw that the welfare of the professional driver was under a lot of pressure, so in 2017 we saw the need to give professional drivers a voice in society. This is why we created Transporteffect.

Transporteffect became the engine to address issues and dilemmas in transportation, while Chauffeursnieuws continued to serve the social platforms. In 2020, we renamed Chauffeursnieuws into a foundation and began expanding with Transporteffect on a political and organizational level. Improving the well-being of the professional driver is our priority. In order to achieve this, we have to deal with various factors: national and European politics, employer and employee organisations and, last but not least, your wishes and interests.

With the support of partners, advisors and subscribers we can make a difference. Chauffeursnieuws has many years of practical experience and because we also listen to the bottlenecks in the sector, we know what is important to drivers. In addition, Transporteffect has a team of professionals who can convey your wishes and interests to the parties that can do something about them.

Our strongest point is that we do not think from a study room, but look at issues from a practical point of view. This makes us unique in bringing about appropriate solutions in the broadest sense of the word. In recent years we have developed a network from which we can still draw to provide parties with advice and expertise. After all, good rules can only be established if all information is available.

Our organisation is also strong on personal contact to make dilemmas and visions understandable, and in most cases also comes up with solutions that work for all parties. Our chairman, Aschwin Cannoo, has been able to attract media attention and bring many issues to light.

Of course, the chairman cannot do this alone. That is why he has a team of practitioners behind him, from whom he can draw information, but who can also blow the whistle on him if necessary. In order to gain an insight into the wide range of urgent matters to which our organisation is committed, we would like to refer you to the articles on this web page.

Chauffeursnews/Transporteffect makes the visible difference where knowledge is power. This knowledge is put to work for your best interest so that everyone gets along. "Sharing knowledge makes strong."has been our motto for a long time. We obtain our knowledge from you, for which we are very grateful. Our power lies in conveying practical information and solutions to the right parties.

Become a partner or join our advisory board as an advisor or subscriber. We have proven that we are here for you and that we have our feet firmly on the ground. Don't hesitate to join us and help improve the welfare of the entire transport industry so that we can all look forward to a healthy future.