For 2 years we have been paying attention to the phenomenon of more and more municipalities banning trucks. It gets from bad to worse, and there are no alternatives.

The general public doesn’t drive trucks, so they also don’t want to be confronted with them. What would happen if you make municipalities car-free and ban all cars? Nobody can imagine this happening, but trucks should preferably provide the population as quickly as possible, and then they should no longer be visible. Pretty much the level of a fairytale book.

Not only in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium, this banning of trucks is being realized at a rapid pace. We recently put letters of objection on the table at the municipality of Denderleeuw in Belgium, and now the municipality of Haaltert follows, like a domino effect.

Of course in this case too we called the mayor, Veerle Baeyens. And here too the message is clear: “The transport sector has to come up with solutions; trucks are no longer allowed to park here.” No discussion possible.

They also get away with it because there are simply fewer and fewer people who have to spend the night in a truck or have to park their truck to spend the night elsewhere.

European Union

It is now well known that the European Union and national politics have ensured that very few Dutch or Belgian Transporters are affected by this. That is why this applies more to our other colleagues, who are too remote from their company, so they will have to stay overnight.

This is also the reason why these measures can be pushed through by the Dutch and Belgian governements; people simply cannot rise up because there are too few of them. In our point of view this is like holding a loaded gun to the head of an unarmed man.

As we said, this is a fact not only in Belgium, but also in the Netherlands. Minister van Nieuwenhuizen (dutch) literally said that trucks can only spend their 9 or more hours in paid parkings As she put it, this is to benefit the “business case”, and of course the highest prices must be paid for an overnight stay. The more the better, as long as the fine for parking violations will be higher.

The transport sector

Our platform Transporteffect/Chauffeursnieuws has been trying for quite some time to align professional drivers and transport companies in order to be able to resist this phenomenon. Objections and letters only prove their power if we can also show a lot of reactions and shares on social media. This is the only power we have and this just can’t be ignored!

In the sector we mainly see that there are hardly any reactions to this subject. Professional drivers apparently don’t mind that they will only be able to sleep between hundreds of trucks, with 24 hours of inconvenience a day. Also those parking lots are very remote from civilization; shopping will only be possible with a taxi.

Apparently, transport operators can also easily pay the annual millions in parking fees. Their thoughts may be to just increase freight rates, which will result in the citizens paying for this.

Do you want to do something?

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